out of stock email examples

When a customer orders an item that is out of stock, it’s important to send an out of stock email to inform them of the situation. This email should be clear, concise, and apologetic. It should also provide the customer with information about when the item is expected to be back in stock and what their options are. In this article, we’ll provide you with some out of stock email examples that you can use to communicate with your customers. You can edit these examples to fit your specific needs.

The Perfect Out of Stock Email Structure

When an item your customers want is out of stock, it’s crucial to send them an email that’s both informative and helpful. Here’s the best structure for such an email:

**1. Start with a clear subject line:** Let your customers know exactly what the email is about with a concise subject line, like “Item [product name] is temporarily unavailable.”

**2. Apologize for the inconvenience:** Start the email by acknowledging the inconvenience and apologizing for not having the item in stock. Customers will appreciate your honesty.

**3. Explain the situation:** Briefly explain why the item is out of stock. Be transparent and honest, whether it’s due to supply chain issues or high demand.

**4. Offer alternatives (if available):** If you have similar products available, suggest them as alternatives. This shows customers you’re still interested in helping them find what they need.

**5. Provide an estimated restock date (if known):** If you know when the item will be back in stock, include that information. This helps customers plan and reduces the risk of them looking elsewhere.

**6. Offer a discount or other incentive:** Consider offering a discount or other incentive to customers who pre-order out of stock items or choose alternative products. This can make the situation more palatable.

**7. End with a friendly and helpful tone:** Close the email with a friendly and helpful tone. Let customers know you’re there to assist them and that you appreciate their patience and understanding.

Out of Stock Email Examples

Tips for Crafting Effective Out-of-Stock Emails

**Convey the Message Clearly and Concisely:**

* Use a subject line that immediately informs the recipient of the out-of-stock status.
* Begin the email with a brief and direct statement, such as “We regret to inform you that the item you ordered is currently out of stock.”
* Specify the product name, SKU (if applicable), and any relevant details.

**Apologize and Express Regret:**

* Show empathy for the customer’s disappointment and apologize for any inconvenience.
* Use phrases like “We sincerely regret the inconvenience” or “We understand this may be disappointing.”

**Provide Updates and Alternatives:**

* If possible, provide an estimated restock date or inform the customer about alternative products that may be suitable.
* Consider offering a discount code as a gesture of goodwill.
* Notify customers of any upcoming sales or promotions that may feature the out-of-stock item.

**Use Professional and Friendly Language:**

* Maintain a professional tone while also being friendly and approachable.
* Use clear and easy-to-understand language, avoiding technical jargon.
* Proofread your email carefully for any errors before sending it.

**Personalize the Email:**

* Address the customer by name and refer to their specific order if possible.
* Use dynamic content to tailor the email based on the customer’s purchase history or preferences.
* Sign the email with a personal name or the company’s name for a more human touch.

**Follow Up Regularly:**

* If the restock date is not immediately available, follow up with customers periodically to provide updates.
* Send a reminder email when the product becomes available again, reminding them of their previous interest.

FAQs about Out of Stock Email Examples

What should I include in an out of stock email?

Include an apology for the inconvenience, the reason for the stockout, the expected restocking date, and any alternative products or services you may offer.

How should I write the subject line of an out of stock email?

Use clear and concise language, such as “Item Out of Stock” or “Restocking Notice.”

What is the best way to apologize for an out of stock item?

Be sincere and professional. Explain the situation without making excuses, and express your regret for any disappointment caused.

How can I inform customers about the expected restocking date?

If known, provide the specific date when the item is expected to be back in stock. If not, give an estimate, such as “within the next 7-10 business days.”

Should I offer alternative products or services?

Yes, if possible. Suggest similar items that customers might be interested in, or offer gift cards or discounts for future purchases.

How should I handle customers who are disappointed by an out of stock item?

Be empathetic and understanding. Offer to place the customer on a waitlist or notify them when the item is back in stock.

What is the best tone to use in an out of stock email?

Keep the tone professional, apologetic, and informative. Avoid using overly promotional or sales-y language.

Before You Go

Well, there you have it, folks! I hope these out-of-stock email examples have given you some inspiration for crafting your own messages. Remember, the key is to be clear, concise, and empathetic. And don’t forget to use a dash of personality to make your emails stand out. Thanks for reading, and be sure to drop by again for more email marketing goodies!