preview text in email examples

Crafting impactful emails requires attention to every detail, including the often-overlooked preview text. This crucial line of text, displayed beneath the email subject, provides a tantalizing glimpse of your message’s content, enticing recipients to open and engage with your email. In this article, we will explore the art of writing effective preview text in email examples. We will provide actionable tips, showcase proven examples, and offer editable templates that you can tailor to your specific needs. By mastering the nuances of preview text, you can dramatically increase your email open rates and drive more conversions.

## Crafting Killer Preview Text for Emails

Preview text, the little snippet that appears under your email subject line in your recipient’s inbox, is your chance to grab their attention and get them to open your email. Here’s how to write preview text that packs a punch:

**Keep it concise:** Aim for around 50-100 characters, as any more may get cut off in the inbox preview.

**Highlight your value proposition:** What’s in it for the reader? Mention a special offer, exclusive content, or a time-sensitive deadline.

**Craft a compelling hook:** Use a question, a surprising statement, or a call to action to pique their curiosity.

**Avoid using all caps and exclamation points:** They can come across as spammy and unprofessional.

**Personalize it:** Use the recipient’s name or mention something specific to their interests to make your email feel more relevant.


**Subject:** Save on Your Next Purchase!

**Preview text:**
Hey [recipient’s name],

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7 Email Preview Text Examples