preview text email examples

When you’re crafting the perfect email, preview text is key to grabbing attention and enticing readers to open your message. In this article, we’ve compiled a comprehensive collection of preview text email examples that you can steal and adapt for your own campaigns. From catchy subject lines to compelling calls to action, these examples will help you write preview text that gets your emails opened and read.

## Crafting the Perfect Preview Text for Emails

When it comes to emails, the subject line and preview text are the first impression you make on the recipient. And like any first impression, you want to make it count! Here’s a breakdown of the best structure for your email preview text:

**Headline (up to 50 characters):**
– Start with a captivating hook that grabs attention.
– Make it relevant to the email content without being overly salesy.

**Body (up to 90 characters):**
– Expand on the headline and provide additional context.
– Highlight the most important points or a tantalizing snippet.
– Use a call to action to encourage the recipient to open the email.

**Remember these tips:**

– **Keep it concise:** The goal is to provide enough information to spark interest, not overwhelm the reader.
– **Be specific and relevant:** Preview text should give a clear idea of what’s inside the email.
– **Use clear and simple language:** Avoid jargon or technical terms that might confuse the recipient.
– **Personalize it:** Use the recipient’s name or address them directly to make it feel like a personal invitation.
– **Test it out:** A/B testing different preview text options can help you optimize your emails for maximum impact.

## Professional Preview Text Email Examples

### 1. Confirmation of Appointment

### 2. Order Shipment Notification

### 3. Event Reminder

### 4. Newsletter Announcement

### 5. Product Recommendation

### 6. Survey Invitation

### 7. Feedback Request

Preview Text Email Examples: Tips and Best Practices

Crafting an engaging preview text is crucial for capturing attention in an inbox cluttered with emails. Here are some pro tips and examples to help you write effective preview text that drives opens and improves email engagement:

* **Keep it concise:** Aim for a length of 50-80 characters, which is the maximum length displayed by most email clients.
* **Highlight the email’s value:** Clearly state what your email is about and why it’s worth opening. Use keywords that your audience is likely to search for.
* **Create a sense of urgency or curiosity:** Use words like “exclusive,” “limited-time offer,” or “not to miss.”
* **Use emojis and symbols:** Emojis and symbols can add a touch of personality and make your preview text stand out, but use them sparingly.
* **Personalize it:** If possible, include the recipient’s name or other personalized information to make the email feel more relevant.
* **Test and iterate:** Send test emails to yourself and gather feedback to optimize your preview text. Try different variations to see what resonates best with your audience.

**Examples of Effective Preview Text:**

* “🎉 Exclusive offer for our valued customers! Get 20% off today.”
* “[Your Name], your personalized skincare routine is here!”
* “🚨 Don’t miss out! Last chance to subscribe to our newsletter.”
* “🧐 Curious about the latest trends in social media marketing? We’ve got you covered.”
* “❤️ Send a free Valentine’s Day greeting to your loved ones now!”

FAQs About Preview Text Email Examples

What is preview text?

Preview text is the snippet of text that appears below the subject line in an email inbox. It provides recipients with a sneak peek of the email’s content and entices them to open it.

Why is preview text important?

Preview text is crucial because it influences the open rate of your emails. A compelling preview text can grab attention, convey the email’s value, and encourage recipients to click the email open.

How to write effective preview text?

Effective preview text is concise (around 100 characters), engaging, informative, and free of jargon or technical terms. It should entice recipients to want to know more and offer a value proposition that aligns with their interests.

What are some preview text email examples?

Here are few preview text examples:

  • Get exclusive access to our latest offers and deals!
  • Your order is confirmed! Here are the details.
  • Important update regarding your account.

Where can I learn more about preview text email best practices?

There are various online resources, blogs, and articles that provide guidance on crafting effective preview text email examples.

What are the common mistakes to avoid when writing preview text?

Common mistakes to avoid include making the text too long, using clickbait or misleading language, and providing irrelevant information.

How to A/B test preview text?

A/B testing can be used to compare the performance of different preview text versions. By sending variations of the preview text to different segments of your audience, you can determine which version resonates better and drives higher open rates.


There you have it, folks! These preview text email examples should give you plenty of inspiration to craft eye-catching snippets that will make your emails pop. Remember, a well-written preview text can be the difference between a curious click and a lost opportunity. Thanks for reading, and be sure to drop by again soon for more email marketing tips and tricks that will help you send emails that get noticed.