out of office email message examples for vacation

Vacation is a time to relax and recharge, but it can be difficult to fully disconnect when you’re constantly checking your email. An out of office email message is a great way to let your colleagues know that you’re on vacation and that you won’t be responding to emails right away. In this article, we’ll provide you with several out of office email message examples for vacation that you can use as inspiration. Simply edit the examples to include your own specific information, and you’ll be all set!

Crafting the Perfect Out-of-Office Email for Vacation

When you’re heading out on vacation, it’s essential to set up an out-of-office email message to let people know you’re away. This message should be informative, clear, and professional, while also letting your personality shine through. Here are some tips for creating the best out-of-office email message:

Subject Line:

Keep the subject line concise and to the point, such as “Out of Office on Vacation.” This will make it easy for recipients to identify and respond to your message.


Start with a friendly greeting, such as “Hello” or “Hi,” followed by the recipient’s name if possible. This personal touch makes the message more inviting.


In the body of the message, clearly state that you’re out of the office on vacation and provide the dates of your absence. Briefly explain that you won’t be able to respond to emails during this time.

Alternative Contact:

If there’s someone who can assist with urgent matters while you’re away, include their contact information in the message. This will provide recipients with a way to reach someone if necessary.

Return Date:

Let recipients know when you’ll be back in the office so they have an idea of when they can expect a response. You can state the specific date or use a phrase like “I’ll be back on [weekday].”


End the message with a polite and appreciative tone. Express gratitude for the sender’s understanding and wish them well. Common closing phrases include “Thanks for your understanding” or “Best regards.”

Out-of-Office Example:

Subject: Out of Office on Vacation

Hi [Recipient Name],

I'm writing to inform you that I'll be out of the office on vacation from [start date] to [end date]. During this time, I won't have access to email, so I apologize if I don't respond promptly.

If you have any urgent matters, please contact my colleague, [Colleague's Name], at [email or phone number].

I'll be back in the office on [return date] and will catch up on emails then.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Out of Office Email Message Examples for Vacation

Out-of-Office Email Message Examples for Vacation

When you’re planning to be out of the office for vacation, it’s important to set up an out-of-office autoresponder to let people know that you won’t be able to respond to emails right away. Here are some tips for creating an effective out-of-office message:

* **Keep it brief and to the point.** People don’t want to read a long email when they’re just trying to find out when you’ll be back.
* **State the dates you’ll be out of the office.** This will help people gauge when they can expect to hear back from you.
* **Provide contact information for someone who can help in your absence.** This could be a colleague who can answer questions or a manager who can handle urgent matters.
* **Set expectations for when you’ll be able to respond to emails.** Let people know that you’ll check your email periodically while you’re out, or that you’ll respond as soon as you return.
* **Be polite and professional.** Out-of-office messages are a reflection of you and your company, so make sure they’re written in a professional and courteous tone.

FAQs: Out of Office Email Message Examples for Vacation

What if I am going on vacation for an extended period?

Consider setting up an autoresponder that ends with a specific date and time that you will be back in the office, especially if you will be away for more than a week.

How should I handle time-sensitive emails?

If you are expecting emails that require immediate attention, provide contact information for a colleague who can assist while you are away.

What should I include in an out of office message?

Your name, dates of absence, an explanation of your unavailability, and contact information for emergencies.

How can I create an effective out of office reply?

Be brief and informative, providing necessary information and expressing appreciation for the sender’s message.

Is it appropriate to use emojis in an out of office email?

While emojis can add a personal touch, use them sparingly and ensure they align with your professional tone.

What if I am not able to access email while on vacation?

Consider setting up an autoresponder that includes a referral to another person who can assist with any urgent matters.

How can I ensure my out of office email does not sound rude?

Use polite language, express regret for not being able to respond immediately, and offer alternative contact options if necessary.

That’s a Wrap!

Thanks for swinging by and checking out these groovy out-of-office email message ideas for your next vacay. I hope they’ve given you some inspo to craft the perfect message that’ll have your colleagues chuckling while they’re holding down the fort. Remember, it’s all about setting clear expectations, providing essential info, and adding a touch of fun to your response. Take care, have a blast on your time off, and I’ll see you back here soon with more email-writing wizardry!