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When it comes to capturing attention and driving conversions, Black Friday emails are essential. These emails give e-commerce businesses a chance to connect with their audience, promote their products and services, and generate revenue. In this article, we’ll provide you with a collection of Black Friday email examples that you can use to inspire your own campaigns. The best part? You can edit these examples to fit your specific needs and brand voice.

Crafting Black Friday Emails That Drive Results

When it comes to Black Friday email marketing, the structure you choose can make or break your campaign. Here’s a bulletproof framework to ensure your emails pack a punch:

**Subject Line:**

Your subject line is the gateway to your email’s success. Keep it concise, catchy, and relevant to Black Friday. Examples: “Don’t Miss Our Black Friday Bonanza!”, “Exclusive Black Friday Deals, Only for You!”.


The preheader is the snippet of text that appears under the subject line. Use it to provide additional context or urgency. Examples: “Get up to 70% off everything!”, “Sale ends Monday – don’t wait!”.


This is the meat of your email. Here’s how to structure it:

* **Headline:** Create a bold, attention-grabbing headline that summarizes your best deals.
* **Deal Highlights:** Showcase your most irresistible offers, including the discounts, products, and any special incentives.
* **Call-to-Action:** Drive action with a clear CTA button that leads directly to your website or landing page.


Use high-quality images or videos to capture attention and showcase your products. Make sure they’re mobile-optimized and relevant to the deals you’re promoting.

**Countdown Timer:**

Create a sense of urgency by displaying a countdown timer that shows how much time is left for the sale.


Tailor your emails based on your subscribers’ preferences, purchase history, or other relevant factors. This adds a personal touch that can significantly increase conversions.

Attention-grabbing Black Friday Email Examples

Black Friday Email Inspo & How-to’s

Nail Eye-Catching Subject Lines

* “Black Frost: Deals That’ll Make You Shiver”
* “Your Black Friday Treasure Map: Uncover Exclusive Discounts”
* “Prepare for the Shopping Storm: Black Friday Extravaganza”

Personalize and Segment

* Address customers by name, segment by past purchases, and tailor recommendations.
* Use personalized subject lines and preview text.

Create a Sense of Urgency

* “Limited Time Offers – Don’t Hesitate!”
* “Early Bird Deals: First to Shop, First to Save”
* “Black Friday Countdown: The Clock Is Ticking”

Showcase Best Deals

* Highlight top discounts, doorbusters, and featured products.
* Use clear and concise product descriptions with high-quality images.

Provide Clear Call-to-Actions

* Include prominent and easily clickable “Shop Now” or “Explore Deals” buttons.
* State the deadline, if any, to create a sense of urgency.

Follow Up and Engage

* Send post-purchase emails to thank customers and offer related products.
* Use abandoned cart emails to remind customers about unfinished purchases.
* Encourage social media engagement and offer incentives for sharing.

FAQs about Black Friday Email Examples

Where can I find the best Black Friday email examples?

You can find a wide range of Black Friday email examples by searching online or browsing through email marketing galleries. Some popular resources include Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, and Litmus.

How can I create a standout Black Friday email?

To create a standout Black Friday email, focus on using compelling subject lines, eye-catching visuals, and clear calls to action. Personalize your messaging, highlight your best deals, and offer incentives to encourage purchases.

What are the key elements of a successful Black Friday email?

Successful Black Friday emails typically include a clear subject line, a strong hook, persuasive body copy, relevant product images, a call to action, and a sense of urgency to drive immediate action.

How long should my Black Friday email be?

Keep your Black Friday email concise and to the point. Aim for a length of around 250-500 words to ensure your message is easy to read and digest.

When is the best time to send my Black Friday email?

Send your Black Friday email at an optimal time to maximize open rates and conversions. Consider sending it on the day before or the morning of Black Friday to catch your audience’s attention.

How can I track the success of my Black Friday email?

Use email marketing analytics tools to track key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. This data will help you understand how your email performed and identify areas for improvement.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when creating Black Friday emails?

Avoid sending generic emails, using overly promotional language, neglecting personalization, or overemphasizing discounts at the expense of brand value. Focus on providing value and a seamless customer experience.

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