What I learned from theatre essay: advantages of performance for students

The theater is a great alternative to cinema and concerts. During the performance, there is direct contact between the actors and the audience. It uplifts the mood, gives vivid emotions and experiences, elevates a person spiritually, and enriches his inner world. Of course, the kind of production that is going on also plays a role. But the theater is a great place to relax your soul and think about the important issues of life, and morality.

Theater as a source of knowledge and moral values

Theatrical art gives a person, first of all, the development and striving for perfection in working on oneself, one's weaknesses and habits. How and why does theater affect a person? The scientific approach to the interpretation of the cultural concept proceeds primarily from the fact that it is the combination of the human spirit and talent, which are reflected primarily in the highest spiritual values formulated by man. The theater structures the audience and the public, which is already attached to the culture.

Today, a new structure of values is already being modeled, which will lead to the loss of demand for educational values, according to which culture should deliver aesthetic pleasure and not just base. As a result, directing begins to function as a closed system. From this current situation, there is a need to form close interaction and information links between the theatrical public and theater groups.

The theater is one of the most powerful tools affecting the perception of feelings, because coming to the theater, the viewer empathizes with the actors, and situations, at the same time, the theater is able to make a person humane, and contributes to the formation of such qualities as humanity and kindness. Theatrical art educates in dialogue. All this can be achieved by observing the following requirements when visiting the theater:

  • Inclusion in reality in the present moment;
  • Suddenness - the possibility of free expression of feelings;
  • An intimacy that generates liberation - freedom from shackling thoughts.

The theater heals a person from the inside, placing before him all possible situations in life, and directing him to solve the problem. Students should visit the theater as often as possible, and the essay helper will do the writing assignments which usually take a lot of time.

Theater in modern times

Among contemporaries, trips to theatrical performances are becoming more and more popular. Despite the development of the entertainment industry, a person does not lose interest in living art. A person comes to the theater with his own eyes to see how the actors play, how they get used to the roles, and experience the lives of their characters. After all, not a single movie screen will give the energy that the live acting of actors gives.

In the theater, everything is live, everything is for the first time. Each performance is like a premiere because it is impossible to play the same two times and this is the beauty of the theater. Theatrical performances are a touch of the classics because most theaters have in their repertoire a large number of classical works in productions. This is an opportunity to learn something new or to remember what you have already read and improve yourself and grow culturally.