About Education & Outreach

LDT dancers teaching students to move like the snake from “Jump, Frog, Jump!”

LDT has developed educational programs designed to highlight dance as a means to health, fun and enrichment. Programming includes on-school-time assemblies, workshops and residencies. LDT works intensely with schools and community groups to develop age-appropriate, dynamic programs that explore dance while meeting the needs of the students or participants. All of LDT’s programs are designed to fulfill the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards for Visual and Performing Arts. In an effort to help thwart childhood obesity, LDT has also integrated lessons on nutrition and wellness into its programs.

For information on LDT’s educational programs please contact Education Director –  or call us at 732-246-7300.

lustigdancetheatre has built strong community partnerships and cultivated professional relationships with Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts, Middlesex County College, Berrie Center at Ramapo College, Gordon Theatre at Rutgers University Camden, Monroe Township Cultural Arts Commission, and the Piscataway Public Schoools.

Because of LDT’s influence in communities, young individuals and adults have continued to register for its dance classes. They enjoy the soothing yet competitive nature of the organization’s ballet, as the dance tutors teach students to tell graceful stories through their performances. Students from the partnered schools join LDT for its unique learning and recreation opportunities while developing meaningful relationships along the way. The organization also collaborated with CoLAB Arts to host a three-month program that allows choreographers to design their performances before presenting on stage.

To further bolster LDT’s outreach in New Jersey, the organization publishes an online review called Health Magazine. It releases health tips, including exercise routines and stress-relieving advice for people interested in improving their physical and mental health.

And though the organization does not have traditional classrooms or offer a college essay writing service, its approach to learning is unique. The staff invest in the students’ overall well-being, often teaching them to maintain a proper diet, have a positive body image and develop high self-esteem. The students learn core life skills from empathetic teachers during rehearsals and take these lessons out into their community, creating a positive ripple effect within the youths of New Jersey.

LDT Professional Credentials

lustigdancetheatre’s in-house education staff possesses decades of practical experience delivering effective educational instruction to a broad range of student levels. We are a highly effective team that is committed to communicating the beauty and wellness benefits of dance.  Our administration is knowledgeable and experienced in the delivery and management of in-school and after-school dance programming.

1. lustigdancetheatre administrative staff is professional and courteous.

2. lustigdancetheatre Teaching Artists are highly skilled and dedicated dance professionals with expertise in dance instruction.

3.  lustigdancetheatre provides professional development to its faculty.

4.  lustigdancetheatre effectively collaborates with schools and coordinates efforts to meet the needs of the individual schools.