One by Kathryn Otoshi

1421061_10205857325689027_5713366105606040132_oOne by Kathryn Otoshi, based on the award-winning picture book of the same name, uses dance to tell the story of friendship, bullying, inclusion, and making positive choices through the abstract use of colors and numbers. Blue is a quiet color, and Red is hot. Red picks on Blue! The other colors know it is not right but do not act until One comes along and shows them what to do. Featuring jazzy piano music by American composer Zez Confrey, the performance illustrates that through the small act of standing up for oneself and others, the power of one can make a big difference. With visual, kinesthetic, and emotional prompts, audiences will connect to the concepts surrounding bullying in an engaging manner.  Students participate in discussion and movement exercises as well. A study guide is provided.